Release Notes

Historical versions are not available for download unless specifically requested by corporate clients.

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Version 0.9.84

[27 Mar 2023]
  • Combined Formula Highlight feature with a new and more powerful feature called Formula Topography
  • Formula Formatter now supports using semi-colon as list separator (previously only supported commas)
  • Fixed issue in Formula Tree with structured references such that sometimes their intermediate evaluations would fail
  • Fixed issue in Formula Tree such that intermediate evaluations of the function UNIQUE() when all arguments are empty would fail
  • Added Ribbon menu button Change Theme
  • Added Ribbon button Shortcut Keys
  • Added Ribbon button Check for Updates
  • Added Ribbon button Feedback
  • Added Ribbon button Activate
  • Added Ribbon button Parse Online

Version 0.9.83

[05 Feb 2023]
  • Fixed issue where named ranges such as "A1A1" would fail to format
  • Changed Formula Tree options pane visibility default value to 'Last visible' and for new users, it defaults to hidden
  • Formula Tree 'RefersTo' column now defaults to visible
  • Formula Tree 'Value' and 'RefersTo' column now default to right align
  • Reduced Formula Tree form size for new users
  • Added option 'Draw cell reference outlines on sheet' to Formula Formatter task pane, which colors cells that are part of the formula on the active sheet
  • Improved scroll behaviour of the Formula Formatter task pane
  • Added basic selection interaction behaviour to Formula Formatter task pane
  • Formula Formatter task pane dark theme now applies to scroll bars
  • In non-modal mode, Formula Tree window no longer becomes hidden when Excel becomes the active window
  • Formula Tree option 'Autosize on load' now default to true
  • Formula Tree option 'Autosize on resize' now default to false
  • Removed Formula Tree editor option 'Additional line'
  • Removed Formula Tree editor option 'Minimum row count'
  • Added Formula Formatter task pane option 'Use white background for light theme'
  • Added Formula Formatter task pane option 'Use line breaks'
  • Renamed 'Highlight Formulas' ribbon button to 'Formula Highlight'
  • Renamed 'Formula Task Pane' ribbon button to 'Formula Formatter'
  • Renamed 'Analyze Formula' ribbon button to 'Formula Tree'

Version 0.9.82

[31 Dec 2022]
  • Fixed issue where multi column array formulas would sometimes failed to format
  • Fixed issue where two or more unnecesary brackets would fail to format
  • Improved accuracy of the determination of necessary vs unnecessary brackets
  • Added sheet reference coloring to formula formatter taskpane and option to disable it
  • Removed formula tree option 'Save options for this Excel session only'
  • Moved 'Highlight Formulas' ribbon button next to 'About' button
  • Added information to formula metrics, including white space characters, net effect of formatting formula, sheet reference breakdown
  • Added button to formula formatter taskpane that removes all unnecessary whitespace from formula and sends that formula to cell
  • Added link to release notes webpage when a new version is available for download
  • Installer now requires .NET Framework version 4.6.1, up from 4.5.2
  • Dropped support for Excel 2007

Version 0.9.81

[17 Nov 2022]
  • Fixed issue where FormulaBoost logo failed to appear in certain windows

Version 0.9.80

[10 Nov 2022]
  • Added formula formatter task pane
  • Added application level theme support
  • Added support for # symbol in formulas for dynamic arrays
  • Constant array arguments now receive their own formatting
  • Improved support for Excel LET function in formula tree

Version 0.9.70

[12 Jun 2022]
  • Internal updates and performance improvements

Version 0.9.60

[04 May 2021]
  • Internal updates and performance improvements
Releases prior to 0.9.60 are not listed on this page.