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Excel formulas, done right.

A modern solution to writing and debugging advanced formulas in Excel.

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Breakdown Complex Formulas

Parse formulas of any length or complexity into their constituent elements using an intuitive tree structure.

Show Intermediate Values

Get intermediate results for any portion of a formula, helping to explain how complex formulas arrive at their final answer.

Quickly Pinpoint Errors

Immediately recognize where the problem is in a formula that produces an error or gives an unexpected result.

Fully Customizable

With over 55 configurable settings, select the parsing options and behaviour of the add-in to meet your needs.

Infinite Dependencies

The formula tree is capable of loading an unlimited number of dependent cells to any depth.

Improve Productivity

Spend less time debugging formulas written by others and more time performing your essential job duties.

Out with the old, in with the

A re-engineered formula experience built by Excel enthusiasts who wanted something better.

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