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Compatible with:
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Excel 2007
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Excel 2016
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Excel 2019
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Office 365
Version: 0.9.81 |
7.68 MB
Windows installer file.msi
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Download / Installation related FAQs

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Do I need administrator rights to run the installer?

No, the installer file is set to not require administrator rights. You should be able to run the installer at your workplace.

Why am I downloading an installer (.msi) and not an Excel add-in file?

The installer handles all the complications related to which version of Excel you are using and allows for easier upgrades. This is a COM add-in, not a VBA add-in.

Do I get access to all the features when using the free trial?

Yes, the free trial contains all features of the add-in. There are no restrictions on the free trial other than the length of its use.

What happens when my free trial ends?

You can purchase a license key to continue using the add-in or you can uninstall the add-in from Windows or by disabling the add-in from within Excel.