Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of formulas can be parsed?

FormulaBoost is designed to parse all valid Excel formulas. This includes new Excel features such as the @ and # symbols for dynamic array support.

What languages are supported?

FormulaBoost can parse formulas in any language. For example, some of our non-English language customers include Polish, French and Spanish.

Why is FormulaBoost being flagged as containing viruses by my anti-virus software?

Please read more about anti-virus false positives on this page.

Does FormulaBoost work with Excel Online or Excel for Mac?

No. FormulaBoost runs on the Windows desktop environment exclusively.

What kind of add-in is this?

This is a COM add-in not a VBA add-in. This means code is written in more powerful and performant languages compared to VBA.

Can I install FormulaBoost at work?

Yes you can since the installer file is set to not require administrator rights.

Will FormulaBoost slowdown Excel?

FormulaBoost has a negligible impact to start-up Excel times (less than 50 milliseconds). Further, the features of FormulaBoost are on-demand features, meaning that FormulaBoost does not constantly monitor states of worksheets or other COM objects. If you don't use the features of FormulaBoost then you wont know it's there.

Free Trial / Purchasing

Do I get access to all the features when using the free trial?

Yes, the free trial contains all features of the add-in. There are no restrictions on the free trial other than the length of its use.

Does my license auto-renew? Will I get charged more than once?

No, there are no recurring charges that you must opt out of. If you have a non-perpetual license, then at license expiry you must purchase a new license on your own to continue using FormulaBoost.

How do I purchase multiple keys for my company / employees?

You can buy keys in bulk by contacting us.

What happens after I make a purchase?

After paying, you will be redirected back to our website and your license key will be displayed to you. Your license key is also emailed to you. Your key can be activated from within Excel.

What happens when my license key expires?

All features of the add-in are disabled and you will need to purchase a new license key to continue using the add-in. An expired add-in won't interfere with Excel in any way; you can choose to leave it dormant.

What is a perpetual license?

A perpetual license grants the individual who purchased the license to use FormulaBoost indefinitely. A FormulaBoost perpetual license comes with limits on how long after activating the license can newer versions of FormulaBoost be installed using the perpetual license. The latest date a perpetual license holder can install new versions of FormulaBoost is known as the Upgrades expiry date.

What is the difference between the terms License Expiry and Upgrades Expiry?

The License expiry date is the date FormulaBoost becomes disabled and can no longer be used. The Upgrades expiry date is the last date new versions of FormulaBoost can be installed using an existing license key.

Non-perpetual licenses will have the same Upgrades expiry date as the License expiry date. Perpetual licenses will have a Upgrades expiry date typically 3 to 5 years from the activation date of the license. This date will be sent to the purchaser of the license in the email containing their license key.

Is my payment secure?

FormulaBoost uses Stripe Inc. for payment processing. Stripe is a world leader in online payment processing. We do not store nor have access to your payment information as stated in our privacy policy. For more information on purchasing a key, please visit the purchase license page.