Free Trial

30 day free trial

FormulaBoost Free Trial

FormulaBoost is offered on a 30 day free trial. Use of the trial version is encouraged to all users before purchasing the software.

The free trial is:

  • Absolutely identical in every regard to the purchased version
  • Requires no personal information to use - not even an email address
  • Has no prompts or pop-ups constantly asking if you want to purchase the software

You can purchase the software at any time during the free trial. Whatever time remaining on your free trial will be added to the length of your purchased license.

The free trial begins once you open Excel for the first time after installation.

To view the remaining time left on your trial, do the following:

Click the FormulaBoost icon within the FormulaBoost tab of the Excel ribbon.

This button will load the following dialog:

When your trial expires, use the 'Activate License' button on this dialog to activate your license key.