Analyze any formula in any cell

A primary feature of FormulaBoost is its powerful formula analysis capabilities. Formulas of any complexity or length can be analyzed via the right-click cell context menu.

The formula analysis window consists of:

  • Formula editor - color coded text editor
  • Formula tree - constituent formula parts evaluations
  • Options pane - with over 55 options
Cell context menu

Formula analysis window

Key features of the formula analysis window

  • Show evaluation of all intermediate formula results, including volatile functions such as INDIRECT() and OFFSET()

  • Color inactive path of conditional functions such as IF() to quickly see which formula path was taken

  • Red underline all intermediate error results, to quickly pinpoint the source of an error

  • Infinitely expandable - expand the formulas for dependent cells to any desired depth

  • Export formula tree and all intermediate results to Excel for further analysis or to save the results permanently

  • Light and dark theme and highly customizable with over 55 options that can be configured and saved

Formula bar context menu
Format any formula from within the formula bar

Make complex formulas more readible and easier to understand by formatting formulas of any length or complexity from the formula bar.

Key features:

  • To undo the formatting, press ctrl + z
  • Handles nested functions to any depth or complexity
  • Adds spaces between brackets and operators for readibility

FormulaBoost core principles

These two core principles provide the foundation for FormulaBoost

Use the latest technology

Whereas other add-ins were developed for Excel 10 or 15 years ago with outdated technology, FormulaBoost uses the latest Windows technology to provide a rich, modern, themeable interface. We keep up with and support all Office 365 updates.

Add, not subtract, from Excel

If you don't use any features of the add-in, you won't even know it's there. Code only runs when features are used, meaning the undo/redo stack is left intact, worksheet events are left alone, and Excel start-up times are not impacted.

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